Heels on Saturday = my poor feet on Sunday

Big night out yesterday, PPC art opening then a friend was in town to play a club show.  I figured I’d step it up a bit with a newer sweet pair of booties.  I’m in pain today.  No amount of champagne helped.  Trust – I tried.  What is a girl to do when she lives in a city known for it’s hills but feels fancy when she is a few inches off the ground?  Granted they were a bit higher than I remembered but still…what’s the remedy for my suffering?  Some say heels are “over” – even though my toes are in a bad place today I can’t say I agree.  My high school boyfriend wore Birkenstocks (and liked jam bands) and they worked on him.  My mom wears them when she’s doing gardening shit outside.  I’m all for comfort/function/trend but you won’t catch me in a wool clog, Birkenstock or croc in this lifetime.

Chloe Sevigny was profiled in the NY Times recently and as is often the case she was confirming her status as a style maven. Chloe however, protests that she’s “over” fashion when she states:

“I’m just not as excited by it,” Ms. Sevigny said, of both. “I don’t know if it is a reflection of what they are producing, or just my feelings toward it. I bought a pair of Birkenstocks today — let’s be real. I wanted a chunky sandal that was functional. That should tell you where I am at as far as fashion.”


P.S. The above image accompanied the article and was shot prior to the presentation of Chloe’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Note the lack of heels!

via Highsnobiety

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